Shrimp Cocktail (GF) / 12

Crab Cocktail (GF) / Market

South Philly-Style Antipasti Assortment (GF) / 13
italian meats, cheeses, grilled vegetables, & olives

Hawaiian Poke (GF) / 14
layers of thinly sliced tuna, seaweed salad, pineapple, roasted red peppers, asian glaze, & green onions

Larry & Chuck’s Fruit & Cheese Platter (GF) / 15

Smooth Duck Liver Mousse (GF) / 11
rolled in pistachios & served with accompaniments

Oysters on the Halfshell (GF) / Market

Basil-Cured Salmon (GF) / 8


Steamed Littleneck Clams (GF) / 13
white wine & garlic

P.E.I. Mussels (GF) / 11
white wine & garlic

Deep-fried Wild Mushrooms  / 8

Debbie’s Goat Cheese / 12

Rococo Fried Shrimp / 11

Escargots (GF) / 10

Rococo Jumbo Lump Crab Cake / Market
trust us it’s all about the crab

Shrimp “Les Saisons” (GF) / 13
an old favorite of friends

Blackened Scallops (GF) / 15

Stuffed Mushrooms (GF) / 8

Deep-Fried Calamari
traditional fried / 8
Rhode Island style / 9
greek style / 12


Barbeque Chicken / 8

Bleu Cheese / 6

The Gangster / 7

Crab Dip / 9

Shrimp & Spinach / 8

Nancy’s Smoked Salmon / 8

Cookie Sampler / 9


Amber’s Vegetarian Chili (GF) / 5

Dr. Lisa’s Soup of the Day / 5

New England-Style Clam Chowder / 6

Mushroom Soup (GF) / 6
served with a brie cookie

The Little Salad (GF) / 6

Rough Chopped Salad (GF) / 12
chopped iceberg & romaine with hearts of palm, crumbled bleu cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, cucumbers. tomatoes, red onions & calamata olives

Rococo Love Salad
iceberg lettuce, rome tomato, red onion, italian meats & cheeses tossed with red wine vinaigrette, lots of garlic & love
love for two / 12
love for four / 19

Caesar Salad (GF) / 6

The Wedge Salad (GF) / 7

Better Salad (GF) / 12
mixed greens with grilled pears, spiced walnuts, bleu cheese crumbles, pancetta, & balsamic vinaigrette

Asian-Influenced Spinach Salad (GF) / 8
fresh spinach tossed with a fragrant rice wine vinaigrette & served in a crispy rice noodle “kerchief”

Add To Any Salad
crumbled bleu cheese / 2
grilled chicken breast / 5
crumbled bacon / 1
grilled shrimp / 9


Rococo Fried Shrimp & Chowder / 11

Southwestern Chicken Taco Salad / 10

Lunch Pasta / 13
pomodoro or alfredo with your choice of cavatappi, fettuccine, penne, linguine, or tortellini

Mushroom Risotto (GF) / 10
a guest favorite
choice of grilled chicken or shrimp (GF) / 15

Surf & Turf on a Stick / 18
served with jasmine rice, seaweed salad, sweet & spicy sambal, & asian glaze

Fish Stew (GF) / 26
shrimp, scallops, sole, sausage, clams, & mussels sautéed then braised in a hearty saffron-tomato broth

Sole / 13
in the style of meumiére or grenobloise & served with saffron rice

Chef Jason’s Wild Salmon Program (GF) / Market
we only serve “wild” or the highest sustainable on the market at that time. choice of grilled with lemon, steamed with asian glaze & green onions, or coriander encrusted with a fragrant ginger sauce. *ask your server for today’s price & varietal

Chicken Scallopini / 12
piccata, marsala, saltimbocca, mediterranean, parmesan, or florentine. served classically over linguine

Grilled New York Strip (GF) / 15
7 ounces of certified angus beef served with mashed potatoes


sandwiches come with a choice of side

Chicken Saltimbocca / 9
pounded thin with fresh sage & a sheet of prosciutto. topped with roasted red bell peppers, mixed greens, provolone, & pesto aioli

Cubano / 9
an island favorite with sliced pork loin, cure 81 ham, dijon, swiss, spicy slaw & a pickle

Grilled Tuna Sandwich / 13
tuna steak grilled medium rare, served on a challah roll with roasted red bell peppers & pesto aioli

Tuna Salad Sandwich / 7
how can you beat this old favorite?

Rococo B.L.T. / 8
made with thick-cut, hickory-smoked bacon… enough said

Chicago-Style Sausage Grinder / 8
italian sausage link with dijon mustard & roasted onions

South Philly-Style Grinder / 9
spicy capicolla, prosciutto, & genoa with provolone, red onions, roasted red bell peppers, oil & vinegar

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich / 8
our version served on a toasted challah roll with bleu cheese dressing

Rococo Reuben / 9
this sandwich has a checkered past. is it from reuben’s deli in ny, 1914 or the blackstone hotel in omaha, 1920? either way, our “spin” is capicolla, provolone, thousand island, & sauerkraut served on rye

Turkey Burger / 8
bourbon barbecue sauce & cheddar cheese or blue cheese & pesto aioli

Onion Burger  / 7
classic with cheese

Triple Decker Turkey Club / 8
smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato & red onion

Smoked Ham & Roasted Turkey Wrap / 8
provolone or cheddar cheese

Chicken Ceasar  Wrap / 8
grilled chicken, romaine lettuce & our house caesar dressing

Fancy Grilled Cheese & Soup / 11
chef’s choice of cheese, jalapeño & bacon on texas toast – served with choice of soup

Shrimp Po’Boy / 8
our New England clam fry, old bay aioli, lettuce & tomoatoes


Grilled Vegetables, French Fries, Fruit, Mashed Potatoes, Spicy Cole Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries

(GF) We are proud to offer many gluten-free choices. Some items require modifications-just ask your server.

Note: The Health Department would like you to know that individuals may be at a higher risk for a food-borne illness if the following foods are undercooked: Eggs, Beef, Fish, Lamb, Milk Products, Pork Poultry and Shellfish