Traditional Brunch


Rococo Eggs Benedict / 9

House-Cured Salmon Benedict / 10

Rococo Crab Cake Benedict / Market

Breakfast Burrito / 8
sausage, egg, cheddar cheese, peppers, & onions rolled in a flour tortilla with pico de gallo & sour cream

Country Breakfast
with bacon / 9
with italian sausage / 10
with steak / 16

Waffles  /  10
mixed berries or chocolate chips

Fried Chicken & Waffles / 14

Quiche of the Day / 9
chef’s choice

Rococo House Omelette / 8
sautéed wild mushrooms. roasted red bell peppers & provolone

Today’s Omelette (GF) / Market

Top-Shelf Omlette (GF) / Market
chef’s choice

Rococo French Toast / 9

Fresh French Crepes / 9
seasonal berries & creme fraiche

Belgian Hangover / 14
toasted garlic, spicy capicolla, confetti, chicken broth, gruyére cheese, linguine & two eggs, sunny side up

Tuna Melt / 8

Classic East Coast Style Smoked Salmon Bagel  /  8
cream cheese, red onion, lettuce & tomato

Bruce’s Big Breakfast / 9
caribbean jerked pork, two eggs any style, grits & a grilled tortilla

Early Frenchman / 8
sliced prosciutto, eggs any style, seasoned cream cheese, & mixed greens with a squeeze of lemon – served on french bread

Brunch Sliders / 8
bacon, eggs & cheese served on english muffins



sandwiches come with a choice of side

Onion  Burger  /  7
classic with cheese

Turkey Burger / 8
bourbon barbecue sauce & cheddar or bleu cheese & pesto aioli

Rococo B.L.T. / 8
made with thick-cut, hickory-smoked bacon – enough said

Chicago-Style Sausage Grinder /  8
italian sausage link with dijon mustard & roasted onions

Fancy Grilled Cheese with Soup/ 11
chef’s choice of cheese, jalapeño, & bacon on texas toast – served with choice of soup

Tuna Salad Sandwich  / 7
how can you beat this old favorite?

Chicken Saltimbocca  /  9
pounded thin with fresh sage & a sheet of prosciutto. topped with roasted red bell peppers, mixed greens. provolone & pesto aioli

Rococo Reuben / 9
this sandwich has a checkered past. is it from Reuben’s Deli in NYC, 1914 or the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha, 1920? either way, our “spin” is capicolla, provolone, thousand island, & sauerkraut served on rye

Brunch Pasta / 13
pomodoro or alfredo with your choice of cavatappi, fettuccine, penne, linguine or tortellini

Filet Oscar (GF) / Market
7 ounce filet mignon, maryland jumbo lump crab, grilled asparagus & hollandaise sauce

Fish Stew (GF) / 26
shrimp, scallops, sole, sausage, clams, & mussels sautéed, then braised in a hearty saffron-tomato broth

Fish ‘N’ Chips / 12

Sole / 13
in the style of meuniére or grenobloise & served with saffron rice

Chef  Jason’s Wild Salmon  Program  (GF)  /  market
we only serve “wild” or the highest sustainable on the market at that time. choice of grilled with lemon, steamed with asian glaze & green onions or coriander encrusted with a fragrant ginger sauce. *ask your server for today’s price & varietal

Shrimp Risotto (GF) / 15
made with pernod & fennel

Whatever The Chef Feels Like Making Today / Market



Grilled Vegetables, French Fries, Fruit, Mashed Potatoes, Spicy Cole Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries


(GF) We are proud to offer many gluten-free choices. Some items require modifications-just ask your server.

Note: The Health Department would like you to know that individuals may be at a higher risk for a food-borne illness if the following foods are undercooked: Eggs, Beef, Fish, Lamb, Milk Products, Pork Poultry and Shellfish